Red Wine with Art

Now, I don’t want you to think that I like to conflict things that I have said previously but sometimes no matter how everything is perfectly in place you cannot seem to find any thoughts or ideas – writers have a special term for this called “writers block”. If you are a serious artist then I am sure you know what I am referring to and depending how long it lasts it could end up causing a few problems.

When this does happen to me, not that often thankfully, I like to retreat into my comfy chair with a nice a glass of red wine. Sometimes I will just relax and others I will dive into a good book – either way the idea is to relax the mind and body which should help to recover your mojo!

To ensure I always have steady supply of perfectly chilled reds in stock I bought myself an expensive wine cooler in the form of a 28 Bottle which is perfect for my needs. One of the nice things about a product like this one is the dual zone technology. You can set up different temperatures in each side (the fridge has 2 doors) allowing you to keep both reds and whites at different settings in the same fridge! If you want to check out some wine fridge reviews then this site is perfect and has lots of different models to check out. The video below talks a little bit more about the subject.

This works well for me but I do have a colleague who does pretty much the opposite whereas I will go an relax on my seat they will get out the house and go for a walk or run to try and stimulate the brain. I guess different things will work for people as we are all unique in our own ways. It is important, as an artist, that you do consider this and find a way to relax and reset your mental abilities when you get stuck.


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