One of the toughest parts of being an artist is the intense strain caused to the human body when hours of focus and concentration are required to work on a specific piece of art. In order to really work on detailed projects it is important to get yourself a high quality desk and chair positioned at the correct height. You would probably be quite amazed if you knew the injuries you can do to your body due to long periods of strain. I recently had to help a friend who mainly works at his PC with wrist problems which actually prevented him from working for a couple of months. Once the damage is done you have no option but to rest and that can be a problem if you need to earn money.

A desk is only part of the equation as artists do not always work on projects that suit a conventional desk – using an easel for example might require you to stand up for long periods or make use of a stool. Once again, if you are using a stool then make sure it is the right height – your creative juices will likely be stumped if you are using struggling with pain in your body!

Back ache is another serious issue that can hamper many different aspects of your life. Sitting at the correct angle – assuming a good posture and making sure your desk is set out nicely are all important aspects to maintaining your health. For a range of excellent desks click here to visit the site.

Smoking and drinking are both responsible for inflicting worse problems health wise when it comes to strain and RSI style injuries! Most people do not know this but both of these addictive drugs affect vital parts of your body that essentially lubricate muscles, tendons and all sorts of other moving parts. Try to avoid these if possible as it really will make a big difference!

Take regular breaks to ensure you do not overdo it and avoid massive amounts of caffeine! Caffeine can help you to focus and concentrate for longer periods but it also has side effects and elevates your heart rate which is unhealthy for long periods as you might find you do not realize the time going by as you kick into work long hours to get projects finished. Try and enjoy a healthy smoothie in the morning – it makes the world of difference. All you need is a decent powerful juicing machine and the combinations you can make are limitless!

Exercise is important for both your body and your mind. I should even say that more than once. I think all of us, as artists, need to take a little bit more time to ensure we exercise at least 3 or 4 days a week. This is vital as it can be really hard to keep coming up with ideas and snatching projects and if you we get lazy, over weight and generally lethargic it will become that much harder to accomplish. Make sure you keep this in the front of your mind – it will pay off over the life time of your career and you will accomplish so much more.

Although this small post offers a couple of tips it is so important to keep your body and your mind healthy. We are in a profession where we need to be razor sharp with our focus and we need to keep those juices flowing to stay with work and make sure those new projects keep flowing in!

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