Developing Art on the Golf Course

I thought I would clarify a little bit so that you can understand how I approach the artist within me. It is not always easy when you are in the creative business as you can’t always summon up ideas at the click of a finger – it does have to happen spontaneously and that doesn’t always suit my schedule. Living on a golf course based estate affords me the opportunity to get outside quickly when the feeling arises allowing me to make full use of my creativity. My husband loves to play spends most of his time in the garage using his golf simulator to build up the golf swing in the garage. You can learn more about golf simulators if you click here. The model he bought – which he is so proud of  – is called an Optishot 2 and if you love golf and haven’t seen one of these then check out this review to find out how they work and all about them. Anyway, enough about golf – lol – let’s get back to my art.

For some reason, that has been with me since I was a child, I love to focus my skills on natural art. I love trees, rocks, stones and almost anything natural and I can either spend the day doing some interesting drawing or I may just use plaster and replicate objects for colorful painting. There really is no pattern and I just take things as they go. I guess that’s the way with art, you just have to be natural and let your thoughts guide you – it’s not something you can really plan out before hand.

Years ago, I secured a job at a small art gallery where people and business would place orders. Sometimes we would end up with a large order from a hotel group or something which would require supplying a whole bunch of the same item. Imagine a hotel with 250 rooms that would like a vase or something ornate – that’s where art becomes boring and loses its appeal as the fun is ripped right out of it!! Art should be imaginative and creative with no boundaries to be true.

We recently bought a golf cart so that I can spend time with my husband while he plays golf and I get to ride around outdoors in the fresh air. Sometimes this gets my creative juices flowing and other times it just gives me some time out. Normally, we don’t spend a lot of time talking as I am thinking and he is playing and it works out perfectly for the both of us.

Looking at the image above you would get a small peek into the type of visual that I love to create – simple yet striking – and such a common thought. This is the image of summer and is designed to lift your mood and spirits which shows how art can intersect with common life emotions.

As you can see, I love to ramble on and sometimes my thoughts are not exactly ordered in a professional manner – for that I am sorry but if you connect in any way then please feel free to come back and visit soon – catch you on the golf course!

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