Change – Moving to the UK

Ok, so I have received a few emails asking where I have been hiding over the past few months – I guess this is a fair question as I have not been working on my blog or any of my social profiles. I suppose if you are not in daily contact with me then you may figure I have disappeared completely! I have been taking some time out and keeping to my self of late – I suppose you might take this wrong way but in all honestly I just needed some me time. I have been playing around with my golf simulator and you can have a quick look over here to learn all about it.

Art is a funny thing – sometimes you have it and sometimes you don’t. When it’s gone there is not much you can really do to bring it back, it is just a matter of getting on with your life and hoping it comes back at some point. Getting depressed over it will likely result in other symptoms and delay the recovery.

In order to help I have been doing a little bit of charity work – I am assuming this will help me but so far my art seems buried somewhere at the bottom of my priority list. Family members have told me that I do not seem to be my useful bubbly self so I guess it may come down to mood and other things. I hope to snap out of it soon though as you only have so many days on this earth in which to be creative. Other than that all seems to be well, I have my eye on a new house which I think may offer me the ability to build a slightly bigger studio – this may well help with the inspiration aspect but I guess only time will tell. If you have been there, and have any ideas, hope or just plain rude words for me then please use the contact form and send that info over 🙂

Other than that, not much to report this time around and I hope I will be in a better mood next time – certainly enough to entertain a little bit more and keep you interested in coming back to visit. I will leave you with an interesting video that had a profound effect on my brain!

Hope you enjoyed this and I promise to be more positive next time – keep coming past and I will catch up with you all very soon. Oh, and you may wonder about the title of this post – well – I am in the process of moving over to the UK and that will need it’s own post all by itself!


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