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Thanks for checking out my brand new art blog and I hope you will have a good look around! So, who am I? Well, to answer your question, I am an artist with over 20 years experience and I would like to hook up with like minded people – I plan to do this by sharing on the popular social websites and I will pin plenty of my work over at Pinterest.

Most of my work includes natural landscapes and general things you would expect to find lying around in the garden. I guess that might not sound like the most interesting of things to focus on but I never run out of new stuff and ideas to keep me creative. I love to spend time with my husband on the golf course – he plays and I find time to think and form ideas – it does help that we live on a course estate.

A few years ago I had a really bad car accident and it stopped me dead for quite some time, I am not sure I have ever really recovered to my former strength and mental ability but I keep trying and I do believe time is the best healer. This has given me a new perspective and outlook on life as you find you really appreciate every single day after an event like this as you never really know if it could be your last!

I find many of my friends and family do not truly appreciate or understand artists and why we create the things we do. Some, I suppose, just do not have that gene and will never really get into the mind of the modern artist. The video I am posting below, although very long, does help to explain modern art and some of the theories that it follows.

I am getting together all my finest work right now with the aim to include a gallery on this website so you can get a feel for the type of work I do. I will also add a contact page so if you have any comments, feel like sharing or would like to get in contact then please feel free to use it.

Please check back soon -I should have everything up on the website by the end of March 2015.

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