Aletta’s Brand New Art Blog

Thanks for checking out my brand new art blog and I hope you will have a good look around! So, who am I? Well, to answer your question, I am an artist with over 20 years experience and I would like to hook up with like minded people – I plan to do this by sharing on the popular social websites and I will pin plenty of my work over at Pinterest.

Most of my work includes natural landscapes and general things you would expect to find lying around in the garden. I guess that might not sound like the most interesting of things to focus on but I never run out of new stuff and ideas to keep me creative. I love to spend time with my husband on the golf course – he plays and I find time to think and form ideas – it does help that we live on a course estate.

A few years ago I had a really bad car accident and it stopped me dead for quite some time, I am not sure I have ever really recovered to my former strength and mental ability but I keep trying and I do believe time is the best healer. This has given me a new perspective and outlook on life as you find you really appreciate every single day after an event like this as you never really know if it could be your last!

I find many of my friends and family do not truly appreciate or understand artists and why we create the things we do. Some, I suppose, just do not have that gene and will never really get into the mind of the modern artist. The video I am posting below, although very long, does help to explain modern art and some of the theories that it follows.

I am getting together all my finest work right now with the aim to include a gallery on this website so you can get a feel for the type of work I do. I will also add a contact page so if you have any comments, feel like sharing or would like to get in contact then please feel free to use it.

Please check back soon -I should have everything up on the website by the end of March 2015.

Change – Moving to the UK

Ok, so I have received a few emails asking where I have been hiding over the past few months – I guess this is a fair question as I have not been working on my blog or any of my social profiles. I suppose if you are not in daily contact with me then you may figure I have disappeared completely! I have been taking some time out and keeping to my self of late – I suppose you might take this wrong way but in all honestly I just needed some me time. I have been playing around with my golf simulator and you can have a quick look over here to learn all about it.

Art is a funny thing – sometimes you have it and sometimes you don’t. When it’s gone there is not much you can really do to bring it back, it is just a matter of getting on with your life and hoping it comes back at some point. Getting depressed over it will likely result in other symptoms and delay the recovery.

In order to help I have been doing a little bit of charity work – I am assuming this will help me but so far my art seems buried somewhere at the bottom of my priority list. Family members have told me that I do not seem to be my useful bubbly self so I guess it may come down to mood and other things. I hope to snap out of it soon though as you only have so many days on this earth in which to be creative. Other than that all seems to be well, I have my eye on a new house which I think may offer me the ability to build a slightly bigger studio – this may well help with the inspiration aspect but I guess only time will tell. If you have been there, and have any ideas, hope or just plain rude words for me then please use the contact form and send that info over 🙂

Other than that, not much to report this time around and I hope I will be in a better mood next time – certainly enough to entertain a little bit more and keep you interested in coming back to visit. I will leave you with an interesting video that had a profound effect on my brain!

Hope you enjoyed this and I promise to be more positive next time – keep coming past and I will catch up with you all very soon. Oh, and you may wonder about the title of this post – well – I am in the process of moving over to the UK and that will need it’s own post all by itself!


Developing Art on the Golf Course

I thought I would clarify a little bit so that you can understand how I approach the artist within me. It is not always easy when you are in the creative business as you can’t always summon up ideas at the click of a finger – it does have to happen spontaneously and that doesn’t always suit my schedule. Living on a golf course based estate affords me the opportunity to get outside quickly when the feeling arises allowing me to make full use of my creativity. My husband loves to play spends most of his time in the garage using his golf simulator to build up the golf swing in the garage. You can learn more about golf simulators if you click here. The model he bought – which he is so proud of  – is called an Optishot 2 and if you love golf and haven’t seen one of these then check out this review to find out how they work and all about them. Anyway, enough about golf – lol – let’s get back to my art.

For some reason, that has been with me since I was a child, I love to focus my skills on natural art. I love trees, rocks, stones and almost anything natural and I can either spend the day doing some interesting drawing or I may just use plaster and replicate objects for colorful painting. There really is no pattern and I just take things as they go. I guess that’s the way with art, you just have to be natural and let your thoughts guide you – it’s not something you can really plan out before hand.

Years ago, I secured a job at a small art gallery where people and business would place orders. Sometimes we would end up with a large order from a hotel group or something which would require supplying a whole bunch of the same item. Imagine a hotel with 250 rooms that would like a vase or something ornate – that’s where art becomes boring and loses its appeal as the fun is ripped right out of it!! Art should be imaginative and creative with no boundaries to be true.

We recently bought a golf cart so that I can spend time with my husband while he plays golf and I get to ride around outdoors in the fresh air. Sometimes this gets my creative juices flowing and other times it just gives me some time out. Normally, we don’t spend a lot of time talking as I am thinking and he is playing and it works out perfectly for the both of us.

Looking at the image above you would get a small peek into the type of visual that I love to create – simple yet striking – and such a common thought. This is the image of summer and is designed to lift your mood and spirits which shows how art can intersect with common life emotions.

As you can see, I love to ramble on and sometimes my thoughts are not exactly ordered in a professional manner – for that I am sorry but if you connect in any way then please feel free to come back and visit soon – catch you on the golf course!


One of the toughest parts of being an artist is the intense strain caused to the human body when hours of focus and concentration are required to work on a specific piece of art. In order to really work on detailed projects it is important to get yourself a high quality desk and chair positioned at the correct height. You would probably be quite amazed if you knew the injuries you can do to your body due to long periods of strain. I recently had to help a friend who mainly works at his PC with wrist problems which actually prevented him from working for a couple of months. Once the damage is done you have no option but to rest and that can be a problem if you need to earn money.

A desk is only part of the equation as artists do not always work on projects that suit a conventional desk – using an easel for example might require you to stand up for long periods or make use of a stool. Once again, if you are using a stool then make sure it is the right height – your creative juices will likely be stumped if you are using struggling with pain in your body!

Back ache is another serious issue that can hamper many different aspects of your life. Sitting at the correct angle – assuming a good posture and making sure your desk is set out nicely are all important aspects to maintaining your health. For a range of excellent desks click here to visit the site.

Smoking and drinking are both responsible for inflicting worse problems health wise when it comes to strain and RSI style injuries! Most people do not know this but both of these addictive drugs affect vital parts of your body that essentially lubricate muscles, tendons and all sorts of other moving parts. Try to avoid these if possible as it really will make a big difference!

Take regular breaks to ensure you do not overdo it and avoid massive amounts of caffeine! Caffeine can help you to focus and concentrate for longer periods but it also has side effects and elevates your heart rate which is unhealthy for long periods as you might find you do not realize the time going by as you kick into work long hours to get projects finished. Try and enjoy a healthy smoothie in the morning – it makes the world of difference. All you need is a decent powerful juicing machine and the combinations you can make are limitless!

Exercise is important for both your body and your mind. I should even say that more than once. I think all of us, as artists, need to take a little bit more time to ensure we exercise at least 3 or 4 days a week. This is vital as it can be really hard to keep coming up with ideas and snatching projects and if you we get lazy, over weight and generally lethargic it will become that much harder to accomplish. Make sure you keep this in the front of your mind – it will pay off over the life time of your career and you will accomplish so much more.

Although this small post offers a couple of tips it is so important to keep your body and your mind healthy. We are in a profession where we need to be razor sharp with our focus and we need to keep those juices flowing to stay with work and make sure those new projects keep flowing in!

Red Wine with Art

Now, I don’t want you to think that I like to conflict things that I have said previously but sometimes no matter how everything is perfectly in place you cannot seem to find any thoughts or ideas – writers have a special term for this called “writers block”. If you are a serious artist then I am sure you know what I am referring to and depending how long it lasts it could end up causing a few problems.

When this does happen to me, not that often thankfully, I like to retreat into my comfy chair with a nice a glass of red wine. Sometimes I will just relax and others I will dive into a good book – either way the idea is to relax the mind and body which should help to recover your mojo!

To ensure I always have steady supply of perfectly chilled reds in stock I bought myself an expensive wine cooler in the form of a 28 Bottle which is perfect for my needs. One of the nice things about a product like this one is the dual zone technology. You can set up different temperatures in each side (the fridge has 2 doors) allowing you to keep both reds and whites at different settings in the same fridge! If you want to check out some wine fridge reviews then this site is perfect and has lots of different models to check out. The video below talks a little bit more about the subject.

This works well for me but I do have a colleague who does pretty much the opposite whereas I will go an relax on my seat they will get out the house and go for a walk or run to try and stimulate the brain. I guess different things will work for people as we are all unique in our own ways. It is important, as an artist, that you do consider this and find a way to relax and reset your mental abilities when you get stuck.


Sick in Bed

I thought I should just post a short update. As so often happens this year I have picked up a nasty flu type bug. This has kept me in bed for the past week or so. Normally, colds and that type of illness hardly bother me and I just carry on with my passions but this one caught me by surprise and I am having a hard time shaking it off. I am feeling a little better now so hopefully I will be back to normal soon!

Spring is finally here which gives me plenty of opportunities to get out with my camera and to try and get some creativity going. I always love this time of year as I find myself re-charged and full of ideas. I will post some pictures soon so you can all share in my artworks.

Christmas 2015

So, one of my favorite times of the year is just about to arrive. A time when family and friends get together and celebrate the birth of Jesus. This is a time when we can slow down at work, spend time together cooking and planning awesome meals and it is a (selfish, I know) time for me to just relax and create some new and interesting art.

As the years go by and I find myself getting older I realize that spending time with family is what really matters. When we are younger we tend to worry about the latest phones and clothes but as time goes on it is the smaller things that are important. I love spending time with my family at the beach or just lazying around indoors – whichever – but those special moments could be taken away from us at any moment.

As you can also see, from my cheeky video – I enjoy timeout to just relax and take in beauty. Most of us spend our lives under so much stress trying to do the right things for our loved ones. Sometimes you have to just take some time out and relax – it is so very important for the soul.

I won’t drone on too much about all of this – I guess you get the idea – but hopeful it will enable you to think twice about where you spend your free time.